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Troy Tree Removal & Trimming Services Company in Michigan – MI 


Need Professional Tree Removal or Trimming Services Today?

“The crew assigned to my project did a great job! It’s hard to believe how open and light my backyard is now that all the trees are trimmed. My favorite is how they trimmed the tall evergreens growing on my property line. Those bottom branches were so ugly before! – P. Rowley

For 10+ years since opening our doors, we’ve made it our ultimate priority to guarantee your satisfaction with our work. That’s why we customize each removal and trimming project according to your specific needs and budget.

Our skilled and insured technicians are standing by to give outstanding service!

Dead Tree Removal Services

Have you noticed an unusual amount of dead wood (dying or dead tree limbs and branches) scattered across your property? BEWARE! This is a tell-tale sign the tree in question may be in the early stages of tumbling down under the right circumstances. This is a SERIOUS HAZARD that must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY! Leave nothing chance. Contact us now for a full diagnosis.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services 

This service is essential for the health, splendor, and vitality of your trees and your personal safety. This skilled process involves removing trouble branches, dead branches, preventing heavy limbs from falling and damaging roofs and gutters, preventing branches from crowding together, and allowing your trees to ‘breath’ again.

From Sun Up To Sun Down, We’re The Hardest Working Tree Removal and Trimming Technicians Around! 

If you’re interested in our arborist services for your home or business, look no further, we got you covered!

Contact us immediately by clicking the “REQUEST MY FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE” link below and fill out the quick form with your details on the next page to receive your FREE, NO-STRINGS ATTACHED ESTIMATE. One of our staff members will contact you within 12 – 24hrs to schedule a hassle-free in-home estimate!

Need Professional Tree Removal or Trimming Services Today?

“I’ve been a long-standing customer with Troy Tree Removal & Trimming Services for the last 20 years. They’re professional and personalized services keeps me coming back for more. You will be highly recommended by me to anyone that needs tree work. I can’t say enough about your great customer service. – R. Lancaster

Your home is your largest investment, therefore routine care and maintenance keeps everything working in the right order. Give us one opportunity to prove to you how we can make you one of our many happy customers for life!

Other cities we proudly serve nearby include:

Rochester Hills, Clawson, Birmingham, Rochester, Sterling Heights, Beverly Hills, Auburn Hills, Berkley, Pontiac, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Southfield, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Oak Park, Big Beaver, Rochester Hills, Auburn Heights, Charing Cross, Oak Grove, Clawson, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Rochester Hills, Yates, Utica, Bloomfield, Sterling Heights, Stony Creek, Beverly Hills, Auburn Hills, Novi, Berkley, MI